Information for Cost Pro Direct Customers:

NEW Order Deadlines: 

  • Tuesday Delivery:       8:00 PM on Monday Night (the night prior)
  • Wednesday Delivery:  8:00 PM on Tuesday Night (the night prior)
  • Thursday Delivery:      8:00 PM on Wednesday Night (the night prior)


The Costco Products:  You pay the same price you would pay in the Costco Warehouse (Coupons not guaranteed unless order is over $500....but usually you will get them!)

*The Delivery Fee:

  • $60 or less in products = 20%
  • $60 - $500 = 15%
  • $500 and above = 10%

**Additional Add Ons, only applies to orders over $500: 

  • + 2% - Pay with Credit Card upon delivery
  • + 3% - Pay with PayPal upon delivery

(Home Delivery Times:  We are now operating out of the Medford Costco.  We load at 8:00 AM with forklift support but the drive is 3.5 hours long and we are now sending a designated transport driver over to pick up the goods and bring back to Langlois before a delivery driver makes the deliveries in the afternoon, leaving Langlois around noon - 1:00.  The longer drive will require us to consolidate our deliveries to certain days:

  • We will be delivering from Langlois to Coos Bay on Tuesday's and Thursdays
    • Reedsport every other Tuesday. 
  • We will be delivering from Langlois to Gold Beach on Wednesdays
    • Agness ever other Wednesday. 

If you live in Bandon we should be there between 12:00 to 3:00.  Coos Bay between 1:00 and 5:00.  Port Orford 1:00 and 5:00.  Gold Beach 2:00 and 6:00.  The amount and location of deliveries changes daily so look for you invoice email around 10:00 for an updated time estimate).


  • Fully Insured Delivery Service.  No payments required until delivery, and no charge for missing or incorrect products. (See return policy).
  • Transparent Automatic Cost Structure. You always get a copy of your Original Costco Receipt.
  • Costco membership is NOT required to get delivery from us. This can potentially save you $75 - $110 per year in membership fees alone.

More information on our catalog and ordering with our website:

I.  We track nearly 4,000 Costco items manually so price changes can sneak up on us.  That's why we will always have the Costco Receipt available for you so you can see what was charged by Costco.  Sometimes we are giving new products without price info.  If you see a price of $1 for an item it is probably in stock, we just have not tracked down the price, yet (calling Costco is the best bet). 

II. DON'T SEE IT IN OUR CATALOG?  Click on Product Request and get it delivered.

  • Costco does not share their Inventory Files with us - so we ask our customers call the Medford Costco Directly. 
  • Phone number and procedures are in the Product Request Link (541-734-4227 ext 1).
  • If the Medford Costco has it, Cost Pro Direct can deliver it to you!  *Audit plans available for large, unusual, high dollar, or tobacco deliveries.


       Cost Pro Direct formed August 2012 after Eugene Costco Business Delivery concluded 15 years of coastal delivery service.  Modeled after Eugene Costco’s $35 business delivery, Cost Pro Direct has worked hard to keep prices low while continuing weekly service sourced from the Roseburg Costco. 14 Jun 2016 we started working out of the Medford Costco after the Roseburg Costco ended their fax and pull program after a 4 year run.  We look forward to speaking with you and hope that this service will be a benefit to you, your family, or business.



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