Information for Cost Pro Direct Customers:

Coolers:  If you are receiving refrigerated or freezer items you need to leave a cooler out for the delivery driver to use if you will not be home during the time of delivery.  If a cooler is not provided, our driver will leave one of our $15 styrofoam shipping coolers and charge the customer an additional $15 on the delivery.  This cooler can be reusued by the customer but not returned.


We are working with costco to improve our catalog currency and hopefully improve the fulfillment of your orders.


We are not taking phone calls at this time - lost our office worker

Send us an email at  -  costprodirect @ (checked every night)



Order Deadlines for Available Delivery Dates (new later deadlines)

(***Days/times below also apply to requests of changes being made to all existing orders.***)


Monday Delivery:            8:00 PM on Saturday

Tuesday Delivery:           8:00 PM on Sunday

Wednesday Delivery:      8:00 PM on Monday

Thursday Delivery:         8:00 PM on Tuesday

    Friday Delivery:             8:00 PM on Wednesday



When selecting future available delivery slots,

clicking on the right side of the small arrow under the slots section

reveals additional upcoming dates/slots - during cart check-out.


Current Delivery Areas and Weekly Delivery Day:


Lakeside - Tuesdays / Thursdays

North Bend, Coos Bay - Tuesdays / Thursdays

Coquille, Myrtle Point, Bandon, Langlois, Sixes, Port Orford - Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday

Gold Beach - Tuesdays / Wednesdays

Pistol River, Brookings - Tuesdays

Agness - Every other Wednesday (next is 15 Dec, then 29 Dec, then 12 Jan)


New Rates, Referral Points and Cooler Information: 


Delivery Fee:  We are eliminating the 3% merchant fee for credit card usage and using new rates that equally apply to all payment types (cash/check/credit and debit card payments). The new rate is 16% for orders $250 and greater or 19% for orders less than $250.  We now prefer credit or debit card online payments as the payment of choice, using the Square invoice email. To save your card on file with SquareUp, check the box as indicated.


NOTE:  We have lots of customers who are not home when we drop off and are not leaving a payment for the drivers.  Unfortunately we have to start blocking people from our system who don't have a card on file.  Please use as an alternative. *Note - when you put a card on file it does not give us your card number (that is kept by SquareUP....which is a very secure billion dollar publicly traded company with big insurance and big security).  This only allows us to charge your card for our invoices (and also for cooler charges if we need to leave one).

Also....if you will not be home at delivery time and have refrigerated items coming, please leave a cooler out or have us leave a $10 reusable styrofoam cooler....or leave us a note that you are okay with cold items being left out.  Its a bummer for us because some customers get upset when we leave a $10 cooler, some customers get upset when their cold items are left's hard to please everyone, so please take control of your drop off situation so we can please you.



Referral Points:  No longer doing referral points


Coolers:  If you are receiving refrigerated or freezer items you need to leave a cooler out for the delivery driver to use if you will not be home during the time of delivery.  If a cooler is not provided, our driver will leave one of our $15 styrofoam shipping coolers and charge the customer an additional $15 on the delivery.  This cooler can be reusued by the customer but not returned.

Costco is currently only allowing 1 bath tissue, paper towel, and napkins per customer  -   please don't order more than 1



*** Forgot your password ? Email us at and we can reset it ***




Payment and Pricing (accepting Check and Cash again!):

Payment can now be made by check or cash again.  If using a check, please put the invoice number as a note on the check.  If using cash, please put in an envelope with name, invoice number, and amount.  Driver will also be able to charge your credit card or card on file at the time of delivery (or you can pay online before the driver arrives if you will not be present during the delivery).  

The Costco Products:  You pay the same price you would pay in the Costco Warehouse (Coupons not guaranteed unless order is over $500....but usually you will get them!)

*The Delivery Fee:

  • 19% For Orders up to $249.99
  • 16% for Orders $250.00 and greater

  • If you might not be home during delivery and don't plan on leaving a check for the driver, you need to place your card on file (or always pay in advance after you get your payment email on the morning of delivery).  To place your card on file: wait until your next delivery and when you get your emailed payment request (the Square invoice) on the morning of delivery, check the box to hold your card on file.


  • If you will not be home at the time of delivery you also need to have a designated drop off location.  If you are receiving cooler or freezer items, please leave a cooler out for the delivery driver to place your items inside, or let us know if you want to buy one of our styrofoam coolers for $10.

The amount and location of deliveries changes daily so look for your invoice email around 10:00 AM for the delivery time estimate, on the day of delivery.  We try to give a 1 hour estimated arrival window (not guaranteed). 


  • Fully Insured Delivery Service.  Easy Online Payment on day of delivery and credit back for missing or incorrect products. (See return policy).
  • Transparent Automatic Cost Structure. You always get a copy of your Original Costco Receipt.
  • Costco membership is NOT required to get delivery from us, but recommended :-)

More information on our catalog and ordering with our website:

I.  We track nearly 3,000 Costco items manually so price changes can sneak up on us.  That's why we will always have the Costco Receipt available for you so you can see what was charged by Costco. 

II. DON'T SEE IT IN OUR CATALOG?  Click on Product Request and get it delivered if the Roseburg Store has it.

  • Costco does not share their Inventory Files with us - so we ask our customers call the Roseburg Costco Directly. 
  • Phone number and procedures are in the Product Request Link (541-378-0020 ext 1).
  • If the Roseburg Costco has it, Cost Pro Direct can deliver it to you!  *Audit plans available for large, unusual, high dollar, or tobacco deliveries.


I know it's not good policy for a business to discuss its rates with customers, but we have always treated our customers maturely......the main example of this is how we never hide our delivery fee in the cost of the items like other delivery companies do.  Anyway, our rates were previously set at 15% for Orders under $250 and 12% for orders $250 and over.  We also has a merchant fee for credit card use where we passed 3% of the 3.5% cost of a credit card payment on to the customer.  However, we found that many customers were mistakenly marking that they would pay with cash or check, but then paying with a credit card.  This tricked our system into not passing on the 3% fee to the customer.  In the end we found after we removed the merchant fee from many deliveries we were only making 8.5% or 11.5% on our delivery fee and this didn't cover our costs.  So now we are simply removing the chance of error by bringing up our rates by 4% in all categories....and now we will actually prefer credit card payments again.


       Cost Pro Direct formed August 2012 after Eugene Costco Business Delivery concluded 15 years of coastal delivery service.  Modeled after Eugene Costco’s $35 per stop business delivery, Cost Pro Direct has worked hard to keep prices low while continuing weekly service sourced from the Roseburg Costco. 14 Jun 2016 we started working out of the Medford Costco after the Roseburg Costco ended their fax and pull program after a 4 year run.....but then we went back to Roseburg 3 months later when they decided to start their fax and pull program again.  We look forward to speaking with you and hope that this service will be a benefit to you, your family, or business.